Iuchair — Pérotin: The Scottish Source

Using all–new editions created directly from the sources, Iuchair perform both the most well–known and some of the most seldom–performed pieces of the thirteenth–century Notre Dame school of polyphony, all supposedly composed by two men: Léonin and Pérotin.

By reimagining the performance of this repertory in a manner never before heard, Iuchair unearth a rare glimpse into the possible performance practice associated with the only British source of this music, W1 from St Andrews Priory in Scotland, and the confusing creation of the repertory, rooted not in literacy and traditional composition, but an oral culture of music in the medieval period, spanning both Britain and continental Europe.

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Front Cover of Iuchair — Pérotin: The Scottish Source

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12/5/17: Yockÿrr Editions Launched

It gives me great pleasure to announce that part of the triumvirate of Yoker Records, Yockÿrr Editions and Iuchair is now fully operational! It has taken far longer than expected to realise the idea of instant, fully–automatic and dynamic editions (read more here), but after months of long struggle, eight editions of early music (currently spanning the Notre Dame repertory) can be instantly customised, purchased and downloaded from the Yockÿrr Editions area of the site. By selecting presets or creating from scratch, you can customise any aspect of the source, timing, transposition and notation of the edition and preview it in full in a matter of minutes. You can get started and customise your own edition for free by clicking here