Iuchair, April 2018

Edward Marshall | Joshua Stutter | Alasdair Robertson | Edward Horrocks |


Iuchair (pronounced yoo-khar) is a medieval vocal ensemble based in Glasgow, brought together by a shared interest in medieval music, particularly that of neglected, unusual and seldom–performed repertories. Always performing from bespoke editions, Iuchair put particular emphasis on bringing performance of early music up to date with current academic thinking by dispelling myths of early music performance, starting again from scratch in matters of pitch, tuning and tempo, considering at the foremost how the music can be best performed.

Our performances always begin with research from the original sources. This involves transcribing and editing various sources of early music — comparing across sources and transforming or converting ancient notation into something recognisable by modern–day musicians. These editions are custom made for us by Joshua, and this means that do not rely on external research or editions. Consequently, we always perform from music that is best suited for our group. Together we are developing our own performance practice negotiated within the group. The seldom–performed repertories that we engage in are relatively unknown such that performance practices of this music either do not exist or are not agreed upon. Necessarily, we must find our own way of performing this repertoire.

Last summer we released our first CD of thirteenth–century music entitled Pérotin: The Scottish Source. Every part of the CD was done in house by us, from the recording, mastering, coverwork, liner notes all the way to the final release.

Iuchair, July 2019

We are excited to be working on our new programme of fourteenth–century French music, including Machaut’s Messe de Nostre Dame. We are also hoping to record our programme of catches and drinking songs.